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About Us

ForexTraderInsight has based its business model on the realization that there are five (5) primary reasons why an estimated 90% of Forex Traders Fail:

  1. No Analysis, Trading on Hearsay
  2. No Strategy, Trading on the News
  3. No Functional Instrument, Trading with the Wrong Tools
  4. No Training, Trading without the Appropriate Knowledge
  5. No Proper Training, Trading without the Right Knowledge

We tailor our site to showcase information that will help you trade profitably in the forex market. We identify and sift through hundreds of blogs, news articles, videos and other content daily to make sure that you have the information you need to trade like the pros. We identify forex indicators, factors that impact individual country’s currency markets, and other factors that will help you appropriately trade currency pairings.

While we believe that everyone has access to the information that they need to guide their trading strategy, we have spent years sifting through what would be considered practical and helpful and the information that would be consider junk and a scam.  ForexTraderInsight knows that their are hundreds business publications, blogs and other related content in the market that can help you profitably trade the forex market.  We distinguish ourselves by filtering the good from the bad, the profitable from the scams, the informative from the information designed to extract you from your money.

Institutional forex traders benefit by having technical analysis that examines specific indicators that impact currency pairings and/or the movement of various country’s currency rates.  Unfortunately, individual forex traders have to rely on instincts or guesswork to time their trades.  ForexTraderInsight brings together technical factors to help ordinary traders make trading decisions based on the same analysis that institutional trader have at their disposal.  Our objective is to help ordinary traders, trade like the pros.